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Iran-Turkey Relations: More Rivalry, Less Friendship

Among the greatest disappointments in this year’s NAM Summit in Tehran was the conspicuous absence of the Turkish leadership. As a major trading partner of Iran, and a rising star among emerging powers, many expected Turkey to take the gathering – which focused on Iran’s nuclear program and the Syrian crisis – much more seriously – or, at least, not to de-facto ‘boycott’ it so ostentatiously.

None of the ‘big three’ Turks – from Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogen to the President Abdullah Gül and Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu – attended the world’s second largest gathering of nation-states. What makes such absence highly controversial is the fact that all of these men used to traverse the Iranian territory in the warm embrace of Iran’s welcoming leadership, buoyant markets, and investment-starved energy resources. Oxumağa davam et Iran-Turkey Relations: More Rivalry, Less Friendship

Interview with young expert Richard Javad Heydarian

Javad Heydarian

Today young expert on Middle East region Richard Javad Heydarian became the guest of Mr.Yazar

1)      What you think about ongoing bloodshed in Syria ? (What we have to wait from Geneva meetings ?Has Bashar Asad keep chances to remain in the head of the power?The majority of opposition in Syria are sunnits and Shiites, but the current government are alavites. What will be,if the opposition comes to the power ? “Syrian friends” demand to resignation of legal government. Whether  Bashir Asad  will make of a concession of opposition? Today mass media informs that, defense minister killed and President’s brother-in-law wounded at suicide bombing in Damascus. Is it the work of opposition ? Oxumağa davam et Interview with young expert Richard Javad Heydarian