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Layihənin adı: Babilistan

Cerald Bullun silahıSüni Peykləri göy üzünə raket gücü ilə göndərmək əvəzinə onları çox iri bir topla səmaya atəş açaraq göndərmək daha sərfəli olmazdı ?!

Bir zamanlar bu ideya az qala gerçək olacaqdı. “HARP” layihəsinin hərbi ekspertləri artıq bu ideyanı sınaqdan keçirməyə hazırlaşırdılar. Lakin o zamankı Amerika kəşfiyyatı bu silahın hazırlanmasını gələcəkdə dövlətin milli təhlükəsizliyinə böyük təhlükələr törədəcəyinə inanmağa başladılar. Layihə birdən birə dayandırıldı. Proqramın iştirakçıları olan bəzi generallar 1 il içində müəmmalı şəkildə həlak olmağa başladılar.  Oxumağa davam et Layihənin adı: Babilistan

Vladimir Putin vs Mikhail Khodorkovsky

Mikhail KhodorkovskyIn 2003, Russian oligarch and former head of “YUKOS Oil” company. Khodorkovsky was one of the most richest businessman in the world, ranked 16th on the “Forbes” list.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky who tried to made Russia more than “democratic” , was arrested on October 25, 2003, to appear before investigators as a witness, but within hours of being taken into custody he was charged with fraud. The government under Vladimir Putin then froze shares of “YUKOS” shortly thereafter on tax charges.

I prefer to compare the Mr.Khodorkovsky with Scisseron, in fact Scisseron gave a battle against Athenian dictator, but Khodorkovsky tried to cross the border. Oxumağa davam et Vladimir Putin vs Mikhail Khodorkovsky

Future of TAPI

TAPI routeTurkmenistan – the country with giant natural reserves and covered with large deserts. Since 1991, after collapse of the USSR, Turkmenistan begun to resolve problems with some  countries such as Afghanistan, Uzbekistan,Russia,Azerbaijan and Iran. According to some experts, Turkmen government has invariable policy.

Moscow’s increasing influence on Turkmen foreign policy is estimated on a miscellaneous. This country during the various periods of the Afghanistan crisis  always took of a careful position and maintained kind relations with Afghanistan. Oxumağa davam et Future of TAPI

“Sardar” or “Kapaz”

About 20 years Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan conduct dispute on “Kapaz” gas field. Turkmenistan side puts claim on gas field. But Azerbaijan side strongly insists that “Kapaz” in the internal territory of country. Also turkmenian experts were named this gas field “Sardar”.

The gas field was found on Soviet period (1989), but another source show  1959. At first gas field was announced as a neutral because it was in the center of Caspian Sea. After Collapse of USSR, former Soviet countries had to solve the jurisdiction problem of Caspian sea,which has not solve yet. Oxumağa davam et “Sardar” or “Kapaz”

Economic crisis threatens Egypt’s domestic security

Mohammad Morsi has won the first democratic elections after Hosni Mubarak’s period. After elections,Morsi immediately banned his membership in “Muslim Brotherhood” party, while declared that “He will be the president for all egyptians,not just for his party members”.

While it is difficult to do any forecasts concerning succession of events in Egypt, Professor and director of “Eastern countries policy” Institute of Russian Federation, Dr.Alexander Phiponik :

“The situation in the country  strained enough. Now it is very difficult to da an assumptions about future processes”.
 The Government in Egypt economically and politically unstable enough. Whether, will Saudi Arabir and Katar help to Egypot to restorate ruins in their neighbourhood country, or maybe some western countries will help ?
 Despite a victory of the Islamite and a withdrawal of military elite on a background, opposition still continue to demonstration. The matter is that the Higher Defence Council has expanded  the rights of the head of the state. In particular, it “has staked out”  the country budget and possibility to impose the veto on any bill of the prepared constitution.
Ousted President, Hosni Mubarak during his dictatorship could save 36 billion dollars from his corruptional system. 2 years ago from this 36 billion, Muslim Brothers found just 15 billion. In fact, it is the greatest eviedence critical situation in the country. What about Russian Federation reaction. Russian officials told, elections results is not so important for them. Because they will keep the good contacts with new Egypt government. Hosny Mubarak has easy reacted to news about election of the candidate from “Muslim brotherhood” new president. – the newspaper “Al-Ahram” quotes.
New President,promise good relations with Iranian Republic, also to reconsider the Kemp-David agreement signed in 1979 with Israel.  One of leaders of radical movement HAMAS Mahmud az-Zahar has declared that the victory of the Islamite on presidential election “opens a new era in Egypt. It is blow under the program of normalization of relations and cooperation on safety issues with the enemy (Israel)”.
 Israel, “hopes for continuation of fruitful cooperation with a management of Egypt on the basis of the operating peace agreement for the sake of well-being of the people of two countries and stability in region”. According to the temporary constitusion of Egypt, President elects once time for 4 years. Islamites will do everything to force military men to obey to the civil.
It is fact,that the main budget source of country is – tourism. Thats why, islamists wont change and expand touritst right. After all social reforms Islamists determined to improve bilateral business relations with western countries and the U.S.A

Oxumağa davam et Economic crisis threatens Egypt’s domestic security

Syria gives adequate strike


On Friday, Ankara iformed about his forbidden military jet “RF-4E” (Model F4 Phantom-II). Some days later Official Damascus told about destiny military jet. He was downed  on 22 june at 11:40 in the territorial waters of Syria, but after incident Syrian government already made apologise to Turkey for incident. Spokesman declare at press conference that soldiers didnt know anything about nationality of downed jet.

Some analitics began wrote about diversion efforts of Ankara against Turkey. In their minds jet was intentiolly sent to the territorial waters of Syria against Russia and China vetoes at Security Council. Oxumağa davam et Syria gives adequate strike

Whether the USA will attack Iran ?

Some new and old discussions about “Iran-America war” were very important for russian experts and other CIS countries. However, we know that official Moscow and Tehran were allies since 1943 , when the Iosif Stalin determined to sign defence contract with Iranian Shah. Implications of this contract told about ” Bilateral military and economic relations between two empires”.

Today, sanctions and pressures against Iran Mulla regime by the West powers are very intensive and dangerous but could not deactivate activities on nuclear power.

The majority of political and military experts in consider that war in Iran could be real fact in 2011 (If it will be). In favor of it says that fact that today the USA for conducting operations don’t have necessary quantity of arms, land grouping  for successful operations. At least, it is consider of Vice-President of Geopolitical Institute Konstantin Sivkov. Oxumağa davam et Whether the USA will attack Iran ?