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Interview with Dr.Alexander Murinson

Interview with Prof. Alexander Murinson

Researcher at Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, Professor at Bar-Ilan University


Dr.Alexander Murinson [photo from personal archive]
Dr.Alexander Murinson [photo from personal archive]
Violence in the Middle East has intensified and drawn the attention of the global powers. That is why I want to discuss this topic with Professor of the Bar-Ilan University, Dr. Alexander Murinson.

After the Arab Spring uprisings, the Middle East was threatened by chaos and anarchy, which is still ongoing in Iraq, Syria and Libya. While these high tensions in the Arab world have not subsided, there is a menace of a new regional war. Could the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIS) precipitate it?

A lot of confusion persists about the structure and leadership of the Islamic State of Iraq and Shams (ISIS) terrorist movement, currently known as the Islamic State (IS), despite its quick expansion and grandiose plans to re-construct the Caliphate abandoned with the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire in 1923. What is certain is that the core of this organization has split from the Jabhat al-Nusra (the Front of Assistance), a radical Muslim militant organization and Al-Qaeda affiliate fighting the Assad regime in Syria. Initially, despite its claims to the universal authority for all Muslims, ISIS was a phenomenon of Sunni nationalism struggling against the Shia rule in Baghdad and Damascus. Oxumağa davam et Interview with Dr.Alexander Murinson

Bakhtiyar Aslanbayli: “The territorial integrity of Ukraine must to be restored and status quo shall not be accepted.”

Bakhtiyar Aslanbayli
                     M.r. Bakhtiyar Aslanbayli

A well-known political analyst and expert on energy diplomacy Mr.Bakhtiyar Aslanbayli has answered questions dedicated to energy relations of Russian Federation and Ukraine following the “Maidan” revolution

* When “Euro Maidan” movement started in Ukraine, it is main energy supplier – Russia suddenly declares about increasing prices of natural gas. In your judgment, is it connected with European orientation of new Ukrainian government?

Surely, increasing of gas prices, as well as all new geopolitical situation in the region are directly related with possible western orientation of Ukraine. By losing Ukraine (geopolitically), and potential EU enlargement will bring EU east borders very close to Russia, without any buffering zone between. This was interpreted by Russia, as a “necessity to intervene”. Oxumağa davam et Bakhtiyar Aslanbayli: “The territorial integrity of Ukraine must to be restored and status quo shall not be accepted.”

Interview with Mr. Vugar Bayramov


Mr.Vugar Bayramov (photo from personal archive)
Mr.Vugar Bayramov (photo from personal archive)

 Mr.Vugar Bayramov is a well-kmown economist and expert on economic policy of Azerbaijan, alumnus of  Washington University in St.Louis. Currently he is serving as a founder and chairman of Center for Economic and Social Development (CESD) which took a high ranking place as one the most active brain centers of Caucasus region  in the international poll of Harvard Univresity.

Dear Mr.Vugar, first of all thank you for sharing your time. I would like to be inform your opinions and future analyses about Azerbaijan policy towards the European Union after Vilnus Summit which became a “last hope” for some pos-soviet countries to integrate to Europe.

  1.  How could you estimate the importance and impact of Vilnus Summit in the foreign policy of Azerbaijan Republic?

 The Vilnius  Summit in fact was the important event in context of keeping prominence of the  EU Eastern Partnership Program since policy impacts of this program has not been considered as decent before the indicated summit. Azerbaijan’s participation at the summit was extremely important taking into considering Russian influence on the region mainly on forcing neighboring countries to join to the Customs Union, a Russian new project. Oxumağa davam et Interview with Mr. Vugar Bayramov

Interview with Sinem Cengiz

Sinem Cengiz (photo from personal archive)
Sinem Cengiz (photo from personal archive)

Sinem Cengiz is one of the most  well-known young experts of Turkey. She is currently serving as a “Diplomacy correspondent” of the biggest political magazine “Todays Zaman”. Sinem is continuing to her researches on Middle Eastern countries and Turkish foreign policy towards region. 

1-Western and some Turkish mainstream media claim that the terrorists control 40% to 70% of Syrian territory; what is the reality?

Needless to say, when a state structure collapses, terrorist groups become stronger, deepening their influence in the war-torn country. Syria is running out of time to turn into a failed state – this is a situation which gives opportunity for the terrorists group to find a fertile ground in the country. Oxumağa davam et Interview with Sinem Cengiz

Ozgur Tufekci: Armenia’s move towards the Customs Union may become a drive for Georgia and Azerbaijan in order to declare their sides

Screenshot 2016-03-24 12.53.23

Interview with the Founder and Director-General of Centre for Strategic Research & Analysis (CESRAN)  Mr. Ozgur Tufekci. 

– How would you rate the presidential elections in Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan has experienced tough times after the collapse of the Soviet Union along with the other post-Soviet states. Like human beings, states are also born, grown-up, get aged and die. According to this example, Oxumağa davam et Ozgur Tufekci: Armenia’s move towards the Customs Union may become a drive for Georgia and Azerbaijan in order to declare their sides

Интервью с Сергеем Палагиным

Сергей Палагин
Сергей Палагин


В рамках рубрики “Гость блога”, представляем вам следующее интервью с известным политологом и военным экспертом, Директором Центра изучения Внешней политики и Безопасности Сергеем Палагиным.

Спасибо Сергей, что согласились уделить время и ответить на вопросы. Вопросы у меня относительно развития и деятельности организации ШОС. Я знаю, что недавно в вашем центре прошла презентация новой книги на эту тему.

– Я признателен Вам за то, что дали возможность высказать свою точку зрения по актуальным вопросам безопасности в регионе Центральной Евразии, и готов от имени общественной организации «Центра изучения внешней политики и безопасности» пообщаться с Вами, Фуад. Oxumağa davam et Интервью с Сергеем Палагиным

Эльдар Мусеибзаде: Азербайджан никогда не станет ни для кого плацдармом для нанесения удара по соседям

В рамках рубрики “Гость блога”, в этот раз представляю вам специальное интервью с политологом Эльдаром Мусеибзаде который согласился стать следующим гостем в моем блоге.

Бостонский теракт и его возможная связь с Южным Кавказом, отношения Израиля, Турции и Азербайджана, Азербайджан как возможный плацдарм для анти-Иранской коалиции, Габалинская РЛС. Об этом и многом другом рассказывает в эксклюзивном интервью  эксперт в области стратегического анализа, политолог Эльдар Мусеибзаде .


– С чем был связан визит главы МИД Азербайджана Эльмара Мамедъярова в Израиль? Это первый визит такого уровня за 20 лет существования дипломатических отношений между странами.

– Вы правильно отметили, что визит главы МИД Азербайджана был первым за 20-летнюю историю существования дипотношений между двумя государствами. В связи с этим, к визиту было приковано столь пристальное внимание, учитывая не простые отношения Израиля с мусульманскими государствами и достаточно сложную обстановку на Ближнем Востоке. О том, с чем связан визит господина Маммедъярова в Израиль, в первую очередь, дал ответ сам министр иностранных дел Азербайджана, там же – в Израиле, говоря о том, что Израиль признает проблемы Азербайджана. А проблемой Азербайджана является оккупация международно-признанных азербайджанских территорий Нагорного Карабаха и 7 прилегающих районов Азербайджана со стороны Армении. Oxumağa davam et Эльдар Мусеибзаде: Азербайджан никогда не станет ни для кого плацдармом для нанесения удара по соседям