Fuad is a foreign affairs analyst, and author who has been widely published. His expertise areas embrace military/security and foreign policy issues. Fuad holds B.A degree in International Affairs from Baku Slavic University (2009-2013), and M.A degree in Diplomacy and Political Science from UniBo and V. Magnus Universities (2014-2016).

Fuad was engaged in several projects and activities in youth – NGO sector for more than 4 years.Currently, Fuad is an Expert-Advisor for Foreign Policy Analysis Department at Center for Strategic Studies under the President of Azerbaijan Republic (2011-2012) where he mainly focuses on regional security, and Middle Eastern affairs.

In the beginning of 2012, he was awarded with Visiting scholarship at Istanbul based Turkey-Asian Center for Strategic Studies (Middle East program). Afterwards, Fuad has proceeded his researches at the Center for Economic and Social Development. From February of 2015 until May, he collaborated with Center for Comparative Conflict Studies (Italy), and from May of 2015 until September of 2015 he has worked as a research assistant at European Policy Center (Belgium)

Fuad is the author of numeral researches and articles published by well-known Forbes, Wikistrat Inc, Jamestown Foundation, The Diplomat, GSA Analytics, CİMES Solutions, Turkey Institute, Hufftington post, Jerusalem Post and etc.

In different periods of time Fuad has been grant-holder of several international programs for young professionals, such as Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Foundation (Russia), TIKA (Turkey), European Academy of Diplomacy (Poland), MIREES (Italy), The United Nations Youth Foundation, and CIPRI Center (Estonia).

Fuad was the founder and chairman of New Youth Student Union (2010-2013), an active member of YATA International, IPWG coordinator of AEGEE (European Students’ Forum) and member of Green Baku Ecological Movement.

In 2014, he became a co-founder of the United Nations Student Club. As a grant-holder of the United Nations, Fuad was honored to deliver a speech at the Annual Meeting of Youth Assembly that held in Geneva headquarters of the United Nations, as a country representative. In 2016, represented Azerbaijan at the biggest annual Security forum in Europe – To Be Secure that held in Montenegro. 

He is author of “Syria – 1946 – 2012″ book which traces the history of political transformation of Syria political regime since 1946, and the political crisis of the Baath regime.

Fuad’s second book titled “Tunisian model of Democracy in Arab world” (Germany) devoted to the study of democratization process of Tunisia and it’s impact in the Arab Spring.

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