Chris Hutchins – “Putin”


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Chris Hutchins, is well-known British author and bestseller. Actually, community knows him for his first-rate books about Princess Diane, Prince Harry and Russian oligarch R.Abramovich.

The latest masterpiece of author became his book entitled “Putin” –  about one of the most prominent politician and and statesman, Vladimir Putin. Book contains early life of Vlad (Vladimir) and origins of his family, closer relations of forefather of Putin with Russian Emperor and Yosef Stalin, destiny of his father during the Second World War, his mother and uncle who was missing during battles for Leningrad (today St.Petersburg). 

Third chapter: Young Vlad’s school years and his strained relations with classmates. According to witnesses of his childhood Vladimir was silent and unamiable boy. After he was engaged with Judo and met brothers Rotternbergs (his the closest friends till today) Vlad became a sport ideal among classmates and acquaintances.

Fourth chapter: Years in Leningrad State University. Vladimir now is a student of Law Faculty and still dreaming to make a career in KGB (Intelligence Service), thats why once he came to Lubjanka (headquarters of KGB) to ask an officer about criterias to be chosen for the ranks of intelligencers.

The last year of University, young KGB officer by chance saw a young student who are sitting near the library – Vladimir Spiridinovich Putin.

Fifth chapter: Vladimir Putin student of KGB Academy and after graduation was sent as a resident to Dresden to work in the USSR Embassy in Germany.

Following chapters describe the collapse of the USSR and Colonel Putin’s new life and friendship with the biggest democrat of new Russia Anatoliy Sobchak. His career in the Executive Power of St.Petersburg. In addition, official invitation from President Boris Yeltsin in connection of appoitment Putin to official post in President Administration.

C.Hutchins, created this book during 2 years while he met with family members of President, his personal friends and acquantinces from childhood (also his ex girlfriend).

If you are interested about foreign and domestic policy of Russian Federation during Putin Administration, oligarch system inside of the country, Abramovich – Berezovsky – Litvinenko contrast, war in Chechnya, terror attacks in Moscow and Beslan (Osetia) book maybe the good source for you.