Aykut CAN – “Murder of Pargalı”

Azərbaycan dili üçün tıkla

1Aykut CAN’s historical sketch, “Murder of Pargalı” describes XVI century of Ottoman Empire under sway of Mighty Ibrahim Pasha, Grand Visir of Sultan Suleiman. Ibrahim Pasha was the most interesting historical figure in Turkey and worldwide history.

Being a greek by origin, Ibrahim Pasha whose name was Pietro  to Christian parents, in Parga,Epirus, modern Greece, then part of the Republic of Venice. He was the son of a sailor in Parga and as a child he was carried off by pirates and sold as a slave to the Manisa Palace in western Anatolia, where Ottoman crown princes (şehzade) were being educated. There, he was befriended by crown prince Suleiman, who was of the same age.

In this book, you can find historical materials from life scenes of Ibrahim Pasha, his letters that were directed to France, Germany and Hungary Ambassadors.

The second part: Vienna and Iraq campaigns. Ibrahim Pasha for his great commander talents and heroism was awarded by Suleiman the Magnificent.

Being a closer ally to Sultan, he married with his sister Khadija Sultan. If you are interested in life and acitivty of Ibrahim Pargali book is good source enough.