Madeleine Albright – “Madam Secretary”


  Azərbaycan versiyası üçün tıkla

My next book wa about the first woman State Secretary of the United States of America Mrs.Albright. Book contains of childhood Madeleine Albright, period of occupation Czechoslovakia by communist Red Army, period of Second World War, immigration of Madeleine and her family to the US.

The US firstly became the home for young Madeleine where he met her first love and husband Joseph Patterson Albright changed the whole life of Albright family. 

Third chapter, talking about Madeleine’s years in Columbia University and her closer contacts with Z.Brzezinski. Madeleine Albright, graduated from Columbia University on Russian Studies managed to prove hersefl as a the most demanded “Russian expert”.

The other chapters is only about her political activity in the world scene, ambassador of the US to the United Nations and then Secretary of State during presidency of Bill Clinton.

Book maybe useful and good source of stimul for young political activists. Strongly recommended.