Zahir-ud-din Muhammad Babur – “Baburnama”

imagesMuhammad Babur Shah, as he calls by majority of historians “The Last great conquer of Asia” was a founder of the Great Moghul Empira in ancient Hidustan (India). Young Babur who succeed Farghana throne from his father were ousted by his own uncles.

Then young commander with his army began to investigation for new territories. Such kind of territory became a rich land Hindustan, that was popular with its rich and inexhaustible resources.

Baburnama – one of the rare and also valuable sources in studying of Central Asian history. Babur Shah described a political biography and biography of his forefathers.

The first chapter is talking about Babur’s journey from Farghana to Afghanistan, his battles with Emir of Herat and establishment of new power in those territory.

The second chapter is talking about overthrown of new power in Afghanistan and exile to Hindustan where he could prevailed over Sultan Ibrahim Ludi’s giant army.

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