China – Russia new “Super – Jet” deal

imagesIn the last months, the relations of the greatest geopolitical foes – China and Japan became much more strained over the “Senkaku Islands”, under authority  of Japan. Due to demands of an official Beijing, mentioned islands are belong to the Chinese people. Immediately after such kind of accidents China has determined to continue gathering speed of arm. 

China which is confident to its growing high economy level, started to buy new types of arms from the Russian Federation. In fact, China’s new exporting arm was the newest Russian production – “Su-35” jet. “Su-35” with new radar and rocket systems is the newest military jet produced by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Within the comparising of the Chinese and Japanese armies, it is easily clear the real power of Japanese army, particularly Japanese naval fleet. Russia’s decision to sold the newest jets to his rival in the East made a shock effect in terms of the Su-35 was produced in the secret conditions. 

In the fact, China’s prime purpose in purchase of the jets is not to use it against Japanese fleet. According to military experts, China is planning to use the same technologies, “Su-35” produced by in the national military jets are producing in China. After inauguration, China’s new leader Xi Jipping made an official visit to Moscow and met with his counterpart President Vladimir Putin. During his visit both sides had signed new deal in the military field and mutual defense. China, declared its aim to buy 4 Su-35 jets, but the first offer was rejected by the Russia. The country substantiated decision in order to not trample company’s strong principes. [1]

Russia’s Interfax confirmed the existence [2] and date of that agreement back in February, but didn’t speculate on sales numbers. This month, official talks trimmed the order down to 24 planes from an initial discussion of 48 Sukhoi Super Flankers. The Russians are said to have more confidence that China can’t copy their engines, and are also said to need the SU-35 orders because Russia’s Defense Department is ordering follow-on buys of new upgraded Sukhoi SU-35s instead.

The deals raised concern among some regional defense players — namely India.  China Central Television reported on Sunday that the purchase deals were signed before President Xi Jinping’s ever stepped foot into Russia. The military deal marks the first time in a decade that China had bought large military technological equipment from Russia, according to official television.

Meanwhile, the four Lada-class diesel-electric submarines will be jointly designed and built by both countries, with two of them to be built in Russia and the other two in China.

Earlier on Saturday the new Chinese leader met with the State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin stressing out the importance of some three dozen agreements and deals signed during the first day of his visit. [3]

“This is the first foreign visit of China’s leader. It means that the relations with Russia have a prior significance for China,” Naryshkin told reporters during the meeting. “Believe me, cooperation with China is also a priority for Russia,” Naryshkin added. [4]

The Chinese leader said that he had spent over seven hours with President Vladimir Putin on Friday, the first day of his first trip abroad in new office.


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