Flag of the Ba'ath Party

We were the witness of crazy struggle between the state army and rebels in Syria. The battles are getting more intensive in Aleppo and Haleb. The same players that, killed Muammar Kaddafi and downed Mubarak regime, determined to repeat it on Assad’s regime.

Former general of Israel army, Jackie Hug has told in his interview to TV that, “Netanyahu condemns Syrian regime in killing o civil citizens, but he did not remember civil citizens in Iraq and Gazza”. 
Within the down of Assad regime Middle East region will become more dangerous for Israel. Iraq is good example. Imagine the new scenario: “After the Assad has ousted, Israel move the army to Gazza in pretext “to struggle against an Islam fundamentalism” in the region. After this event, new pro-American government in Damascus, determines to help theirs Muslim Brothers.”
It is quite difficult for Israel, accept the fact that, Assad is the best enemy for it is people. Assad is not the strongest enemy. After 1967 war, Baath regime and Israel were lived in peace and stability. 
Today the main gamers around Syrian conflict are: Turkey, USA, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. But, Iran’s and Russia’s spy system inside the Syria was built better than other countries. Russia continues to finance the Assad’s army with different weapons. Russia is interest in stability in Syria. If, Assad will be oust by military intervention current Islamists and Salafits will occupy new positions in new government. 
Information War
We have to acknowledge that, in information war field western countries more active than Russia and China. Qatar’s “Al-Jazeera” and Saudi’s “Al-Arabiya” are the well-known enemies of Assad. One of the opposition leaders Sheikh Ar’ur always makes speech on TV and calls the rebels to fight against Assad and “Shia” danger: Hezbollah and Iran danger. 
Russian Policy About “Syrian Conflict” 
After the death of Kaddafi and occupied Libya, Russia has determined not to make mistake in Syrian conflict. Russian military companies begun to support Assad regime in hope that, he could win the final battle. 
Logically involvement of Russia in middle east issues by the Syria was the first step for Russian policy in new global Eurasian Geopolitics. The main cause of uprising was social inequality and despotic regime inside the Syria.
Both missions of special envoys of the United Nations in Syria Kofi Annan and Lakhdar Brakhimi as though are specially exposed in light of hopeless complaints about impossibility to reach constructive result and though any dialogue between the government and “opposition”.
After the “Muslim Brothers” came to power in Egypt, new president Mohammad Morsi strongly declared that, he against foreign intervention plan of Turkey and Saudi Arabia. 
Within this plan Saudi Kingdom plans to solve two great problems: 1) Remove Iran threat from it is borders, 2) Oust Assad regime in Syria. 
Morsi tried to balance the regional powers. That’s why he visited Tehran on September. But he could not acquire special results. Morsi’s efforts forced the USA to review it is own position towards Middle East countries.
Fuad SHAHBAZOV- Analyst, Strategic Outlook

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