“Mistralization” of Europe or whether sanctions will change Russia

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The EU made decision to adopt the sanctions against Russia due to its aggressive policy towards Ukraine. The Minister of economy of Germany Mr. Gabriel has decided to delay the agreement with Russia on establishment of common military training center in Mulino [Russia].

The center of military training in Mulino of the Nizhny Novgorod region had to be constructed and put into exploitation this year. It is intended to train local soldiers by hi-tech simulators. About 30 thousand soldiers could be trained in a year. Withdrawing permission to implementation of the project, Germany is crossing  beyond the sanctions concerning Russia and accepted by all the EU countries. [1]

 The measures including, the moratorium on sanctions in the field of arms doesn’t extend on the agreements that signed earlier. France, for example, insists on execution of deliveries of two ships “Mistral” 1,2 billion euro. The federal government, according to own statement, during the Ukrainian crisis tried to find a compromise with Rheinmetall. But last Wednesday the representative of the Ministry of Economics reported about negotiating with company about future decision. [2]

In the middle of the Ukrainian crisis allies of France criticize sale of military equipment to Moscow and, in particular, deliveries of two Mistral helicopter carriers.  The last volley sounded on July 22 from the president of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite: “We observe “mistralization” of policy of the European Union — she noted. ‘Sale military technologies in present conditions to Russia is absolutely inadmissible” — she added. This statement was made on Tuesday when Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the European states gathered in Brussels to discuss possible strengthening of sanctions against Russia. [3]

Criticism of the USA

The foreign states already had shown discontent over the deal with French ships. On Monday the prime minister of Great Britain David Cameron too stated the point of view about it: “Frankly speaking, in our country it would be simply impossible to execute such an order’[4]

Answer of France

In March, during the preparation of the European doctrine regarding to economic sanctions against Russia the Minister of Foreign Affairs Laurent Fabius mentioned possibility of cancellation of the contract. It was a question of “a possible delay” — diplomats noted.  At that moment all intended to find effective levers of pressure for “de-escalation” of the Ukrainian conflict. The European countries expressed readiness to offer economic advantages with Moscow.  “Our position remains prior ” — declared in April a source in the French government in response to the American criticism.

On Monday evening François Hollande brought specifications about the French position.  The first ship, “Vladivostok”, will be transfer in October.  “The agreement was concluded in 2011, the ship is almost complete and will be put in October” — the president declared during a dinner with representatives of the press.

According to him, “Russians paid” and therefore in case of refusal “it is necessary to pay them compensation in 1,1 billion euro”.  The part of the ship was constructed in Russia, and final assembly took place at plant in Saint-Nazere. On June of 30th about 400 Russian seamen has reached France, where they will train ship-handling. The second ship which is still waiting for exploitation, on a twist of fate was titled “Sevastopol”, a main city that annexed by Russia in March of this year. 

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