“NISA” Forum: Where is the end to Syrian Crisis?

Mr.Asim MollazadaToday  NATO International School of Azerbaijan has carried out forum (discussion panel) for “Political sciences” students.

Forum that titled “Where is the end to Syrian Crisis?” was very interesting and interactive.

Guest speakers of forum:

Mr.Asim Mollazada – Political expert and  Member of Azerbaijani Parliament

Dr.Farhad Mehdiyev – Expert on international law and teacher at Caucasus University

Briefings from speech of Mr.Asim Mollazada: “Syria is the country that includes different kind of ethnic and religious minorities. They are Kurds, Arabians, Iberians, Armenians and others. In addition, religious minorities are shiits and Alawits. In judgement of Mr.Asif Syrian regime could not save it is power so long and so-called revolution inside of the country would be end with victory of Assad, also with victory Western coalition. Actually, nobody could foresee the result”

Briefings from speech of Dr.Farhad Mehdiyev:

“Dr.Farhad Mehdiyev explained the key role of Turkey and Erdogan administration in Syrian conflict. Dr.Farhad Mehdiyev

Obviously, F.Mehdiyev considers that, Turkey’s active role in region is trace of Ottoman policy or Colonialism policy, but Azerbaijan as an ally and brotherhood country must support it is position in conflict and in the United Nations. Kurdish in Syria do not want to found Kurdistan in Syrian territory in terms of they are interested in Great Kurdistan Republic in Turkey territory. The west side of Syria already under authority of Kurdish population.”





NATO International School of Azerbaijan Forum:

Where is end to Syrian conflict ?.


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