Russia – after 20 years of collapse of the USSR

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton warned that America intends to prevent establishment of the new version of the Soviet Union under the name of “Custom Union or Eurasian Union”. It is not difficult to understand why is the USA against the “Eurasian Union” project.  In fact, Eurasian Union might become a center of the power of the region, the power that is similar to the former USSR. It is more than 50 years that USSR does not exist on the world map but it seems a ghost still walks on the world.

The Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics established in 1922 existed almost 70 years. After a victory over the German fascism and Japanese militarism, the Soviet Union found unprecedented international influence. With its most active participation the Yalta and Potsdam system of the international legal relations was founded which still cherishes peace in the new world conflicts.

“Demise of the Soviet Union, became “the foremost geopolitical accident of the XX century”. V.V.Putin told. With this assessment of the president of the Russian Federation, millions of citizens, including citizens outside the Russian Federation agree with this assessment of the president of the Russian Federation . According to the “Levada Center” survey conducted in 2010, 55% of Russians considered the disintegration of the USSR a big trouble.

50 years later after disintegration of the USSR the prime question: whether the destiny of the Soviet Union was predetermined or it could be kept?  The modern Russian economy is not stronger in any way, much weaker than economy of the USSR. The example of China also confirms that at a consecutive course on production modernization always there are answers to the calls which have risen in front of the USSR in the last years  before disintegration.

Geopolitical accident happened, first of all, therefore, the imperious elite of the Soviet Union became anti-Soviet, anti-state. Khruschev’s and furthermore the Brezhnev’s Politburo found trotskistsky lines: “internationalists” came to the power instead of “the Russian imperialist” Stalin. But  occupational policy of the USSR, war in Afghanistan and oppression of the people became a cause of destruction of the whole empire. After 1980 an acute shortage on foods and  “Perestroika” of the new adminsitration did not acquit itself, thereby having destroyed the whole system.

Today Russia seeks to return the former borders of the USSR but thus Putin categorically against economic and  political system of the former Union. War in Chechnya in Georgia and Ingushetia the proof to that that the Soviet Union’s  Ghost still in corridors of the Kremlin.

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