Russian Armed Forces – 2020

Submarine “Yuriy Dolgorukiy”On Wednesday took place the press conference with Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Y.Borisov. According to the deputy minister, for the days which have remained until the end of 2012 the nuclear submarine “Yuri Dolgoruky” will enter into a navy system. Within the military reforms in navy system, “Bulava-30” will accept into arms.

As for the second submarine of the project 955 – the boat “Alexander Nevsky” –came to the end, however final acceptance will take place only next year.Possibly, the same concerns also the boat “Yasen”. For coming to an end 2012th year aircraft factories transferred to the customer represented by the Ministry of Defence of 127 helicopters and 32 planes. Eight more winged machines will be accepted in a system in the next few days, it is possible even till New Year’s holidays.

The State Defensive Order (SDO) for 2013 has even large volumes. Next year for needs of rearmament will spend 1,3 trillion rubles. Already there are consultations and signings of contracts for delivery of various production. Within GOZ-2013 cooperation with foreign partners will proceed. So, Russia to continues collect Italian development armored cars Iveco LMV. In the first months of the next year the Ministry of Defence will carry out comparative tests on of Italian “Iveco LMV”,  Russian “Tigra-  M” and “Volk” (Wolf). Now the Ministry of Defence plans to transfer assembly of armored cars “Lynx” from Voronezh to Naberezhnye Chelny, to the KAMAZ factory.

Within the international programs, the deputy minister of defense told about recent hearings of rather French universal landing ships “Mistral”. As well as it was planned earlier, the first two ships from four will enter into the armed system in 2014 and 2015. Two others ship will be constructed later.

The Ministry of Defence, being engaged in the new directions of equipment, does not forget and about small arms. So, next year divisions of the Russian army will start receiving the “Vixlop” BKC/BCCK sniper complexes and special patrons for it.

Next year the first contracts can be conducted for delivery of new sniper rifles ORSIS T-5000. Big expenditure are planned for 2013 in comparison with the 2012th. In annual financing in 1,3-1,5 trillion rubles till 2020 it will not be possible to reach the set level in 19 trillion. Current plans the following 2013 are part of general measures on performance of updating of arms and military equipment.

Source: The report of the the Ministry of Defence of Russian Federation


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