Russian Army 2013-2015

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The Russian Army’s, financing continues to increase at the expense of oil and gas. Due to military reforms inside the country, Russia will undergo a large-scale rearmament by 2012-2020, at full speed. For this aim, country intends to spend 770 billion dollars.

It is not a secret that the state has many types of arms, which are in demand at many armies, and make Russia an important global competitor.  Jurily Borisov, Deputy of Minister General said that The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation intends to purchase main fighting tanks of heavy armored machinery  known as “Armata” in 2014. According to the existing schedule, the first prototype of the tank based on the “Armata” platform will be created in 2013, and the delivery of new the fighting vehicles to armies is expected by 2015. The Ministry of Defense accepted the technical program of “Armata” in March 2012.

AK-12 Kalashnikov

In November 2012, tests of the second  AK-12 prototype of  were completed. Although there is little official information about the new prototype, there is sufficient data to draw conclusions about it. Additionally, a new sniper rifle with a variety of cartridges, based on the DSR. AK-12 will be created. The new rifle will have a new riflescope, and a new latch which will make the change of its magazine more convenient. In spite of the new improvements the mass of the machine gun will practically remain without changes  at 3,3 kilograms, which will reduce the speech in which the machine gun rearms.


The new six-model fighter jet “SU-35C” was presented to the Ministry of Defense by the aircraft holding company “Sukhoy”, and will arrive soon to a disclosed location. According to Colonel Vladimir Durk, a representative of Russian Air Force, the first group of fighter jets were to be given to the army by the end of 2012.

In August, 2009 the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Defense and Sukhoy signed a contract for 48 new fighter jets. Their delivery is due by the end of 2015, and the military department will then be able to sign another contract for the same amount of SU-35 jets.

The Su-35С, has carried out its first flight in February, 2008. It is capable of accelerating to 2.5 thousand kilometers per hour and make flights on a 3.4 thousand kilometers distance. The fighting radius of the plane is about 1.6 thousand kilometers. The fighter jet is equipped with a 30 milli-metric gun and a 12 point suspension bracket for rockets and bombs with a lump up to eight tons.

Anti-Ballistic missile system of S-500 of “Triumfator M”

The process of creating a new anti-ballistic missile system called S-500 continues. This new generation air-rocket system aims to destroy aerodynamic and ballistic rockets. Currently the project of an S-500 complex has already been completed. This complex intends to defeat the latest samples of air attack weapons, which is developed today around the world. Experiments are scheduled to be completed by 2015. Theoretically this system will not only solve stationary issues, but will also move through the zone of operations which will be the most important at this time.


TOPOL-M is the first missile system created only by Russian enterprises, and grand hopes are laid on it for preserving the nuclear potential and for temporary use. The Topol-M complex is a solid propellant rocket which is in a transport container. The main advantage of the rocket is its control system and targeting which is established on a complex.

The system has a certain “confidential” device, which makes it invisible for all kind of antimissile systems.

With these reforms, Russia plans to increase the quantity of military arsenals and military personnel by 2015.



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