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Civil war in Syria continues with all cruelty. Within the national security interests Israel Air Forces, under the command of General Amir Ashel have  bombed scientific lab nearby  Damascus. The mass media informed  that, 5 people perished and official Damascus sent a protest note to Israel and the UN and estimated the current situation as a violence of all international law norms.

According to some experts, the prime breed of bombing act against Syria, were disturbing hearings on arrangement of new Russian production Missile Defense  Systems “Iron cupola”, in  north borders of Syria. The threats sent beforehand bySilvan Shalom  Israel Vice-Premier delivered a statement: “It is real that Israel Armed Forces can easily attack enemies inside  Syria”. It is not difficult to imagine the real causes of illegal  strike towards  Syria particularly  in this time.  After implementation of  bomb attack General Amir Ashel ,commander-in-chief,  mentioned in his interview: “Obviously, we do not know what is happening in this country [Syria], in this situation  we are not eligible to foresee the future issues or attacks that threaten the  National Security of Israel”

Anonymous source of “Reuters” reminded that, Syria has Russian rockets and missile defense systems  produced  by the latest technological  methods. While ,military arsenal, given to Syria by its Russian defenders does not exist in other Middle East countries such as  Saudi Arabia or Iraq. Israeli officials openly expressed their concerns about   modern Russian heavy weapons, particularly new air defense system, which are being transferred  to Damascus. Israel is afraid that,  if “Hizbullah” ,of which military wing is launching in neighborhood  of Lebanon, possessed  such a kind of weapons  it would undermine  the defense of  the Jewish state and could destroy it completely in case of confrontation. What about WMD?  Israel also reported about  approximately  1000 tons of chemicals in Syria, which were used to produce a  nuclear bomb. These data were released  by  Uzi Arad ,a former National Security Advisor of President.

Hearings and alarms, and conjectures of analysts suddenly  came true. On 30th of January, in the morning planes of Israeli Air Forces attacked military base  nearby Damascus. In official statement of Damascus those  attacks   were  regarded as  ”unsuccessful attempts” to take a military facility which has been  undertaken within several months by “terrorist groups”.  Three days prior to an air raid, Prime Minister Netanyahu has emphasized: “It is necessary to take preventive measures against all threats proceeding by the Syrian chemical weapon”

After air blow the press was occupied  by the western hearings about the attack purposes. According to anonymous sources, the real target was not a military base, it was a lorry with heavy weapons, which Syria planned to transfer to fighters of “Hizbullah”. Again, the same anonymous sources considered  the   air raid as  precautionary measures . In their opinion, Israel let the Syrian authorities know  that they  should not try to arm “Hezbollah”.

“Associated  Press”  informed  from Beirut that the weapon party for “Hezbollah” had been  the purpose of attack. According to anonymous sources, recently Israel was going to prevent delivery of Russian production ,  ZRK “Beech M1-2”, from Syria  to the Lebanon   which could change strategic balance  in favor of  ”Hezbollah”.

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