Syria gives adequate strike


On Friday, Ankara iformed about his forbidden military jet “RF-4E” (Model F4 Phantom-II). Some days later Official Damascus told about destiny military jet. He was downed  on 22 june at 11:40 in the territorial waters of Syria, but after incident Syrian government already made apologise to Turkey for incident. Spokesman declare at press conference that soldiers didnt know anything about nationality of downed jet.

Some analitics began wrote about diversion efforts of Ankara against Turkey. In their minds jet was intentiolly sent to the territorial waters of Syria against Russia and China vetoes at Security Council. It will be a good pretext for the military coalision against Syria by the West and NATO countries. Turkey is a member of NATO, according to 5th article of the charter of the NATO, military attack of Turkey means as an attack all members as s whole. In this fact, all members will help Turkey in his war with Syrian army.

Official Ankara said that, Syrian problem and intervension to this country will  be discussed with NATO members. Ankara really is one of the external forces most involved in the Syrian civil war. According to representatives of the Syrian authorities, from territory of Turkey regularly go the caravans with the weapon, on the Turkish area it has military camps for rebelliouses.

Ankara has accepted as a “visitor” 12 Syrian generals. However charges that Turks dramatized  liquidation of the plane, looks not so real. It was very difficult to take some efforts about this incident acoording to the 5th article. Plane downedn in the Syrian territorial waters , it  means that Turkey has intruded in the Syrian air space so, has carried out an act of aggression. From the point of view of international law Syria had all bases to use air defense for protection of the sovereignty.  Moreover, Syrians could make it some kind of revenge for regular escorts with the weapon, crossing Syrian-Turkish border. Experts connect this flight with an event some days earlier- runaway the high-ranking officers of the Syrian Air Forces.
Colonel Hasan Mary al-Hamadeh on piloted by him of MiG-21 had landed in Jordan. Despite the initial information that Jordan is going to return colonel to  Asad as the deserter, King Abdullah changed his mind. «The ministerial council has made decision to give a political asylum to the  colonel Hasanu Mary al-Hamadehu», – the representative of the Jordanian authorities has declared.
Possibly, colonel accept  exchange military with Jordanians identification codes «the stranger». Why the system hasn’t worked – isn’t clear yet. Syrians have shown to the West that in case of the beginning of democratic bombardment, they will be capable  down the western planes.

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