Whether Saudi Arabia will change?

Saudi King's National Council
Saudi King’s National Council

Saudi Arabia, one of the third kingdom called by name of king dynasty. Kingdom has an area approximately 2,250,000 km2. 

Country has the world’s second largest oil fields and reserves. Also kingdom the second largest oil exporter (after Russian Federation. Russia exports more than 7,400,000 bbl).

Saudi Arabia well known in muslim world for its special judge system. An old system icluding ancient arabian traditiosn since the Prophet Mohamed (Shariat or Al-Majjala). After Ottoman empire young prince Saud,the former governor of Riyad founded kingdom with his own Saudi dinasty.

Saudi Arabian has strong monarchy rules. After 1920 years throne was succeeded from brother to his brother (or step-brother). Since 2005 throne concern to King Abdullah.

During the period of Abdulla county and arabian population could feel the newest reforms on education and on women rights sphere. Abdullah decided to give women voting right beacuse after 50th years all the last muslim monarches review their minds and positions. How we know Abdullah have had more than 50 brothers (Step and native) and sisters. Since 2008 till 2012 Prince Naif-bin-Abdul-Aziz, step-brother of King Abdullah and minister of internal affairs was cron-prince. But 2 weeks ago Prince Naif dead in king’s hospital. For somebodies it was suicide by Abdullah.

After his death Prince Salman-bin-Abdul-Aziz declared as a official cron-prince of Saudi kingdom. Prince Salman in my opinion is one

of the most potential and interesting politicial figures in Arabia. He is absolutely policy man who urged Syrian opposition to stop bloodness fight in Aleppo, who met with UN special envoy in Cairo. Salman, he is thus the first of royal blood, and the first Arab and Muslim to be in outer space. He has rank of Colonel in Royal Saudi Air Forces.

For foreigner comentators Salman could change Saudi Kingdom for positive mean. He is modern state figure who graduated from USA college and university. Now Salman significantly contributed improvement of tourism strategy. Prince Salman later devoted his energies to a number of nonprofit organizations and causes, particularly those related to the disabled.

At last, my comment about this inheritance. Prince Naif died (or killed) for his radical conservatism in policy. He could destroy oil,tourism and political structure of kingdom which were rebuit by Faysal and Abdullah more over 45 years. Today Saudi Kingdom has a dream for future development.


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