Whether the USA will attack Iran ?

Some new and old discussions about “Iran-America war” were very important for russian experts and other CIS countries. However, we know that official Moscow and Tehran were allies since 1943 , when the Iosif Stalin determined to sign defence contract with Iranian Shah. Implications of this contract told about ” Bilateral military and economic relations between two empires”.

Today, sanctions and pressures against Iran Mulla regime by the West powers are very intensive and dangerous but could not deactivate activities on nuclear power.

The majority of political and military experts in consider that war in Iran could be real fact in 2011 (If it will be). In favor of it says that fact that today the USA for conducting operations don’t have necessary quantity of arms, land grouping  for successful operations. At least, it is consider of Vice-President of Geopolitical Institute Konstantin Sivkov. He gave an interesting example that USA forces had  on this direction  “150 – 200 fighting vehicles and as much air rockets, an order of 300 cars was  in Libya, as a result they didn’t manage to reach to the full success”.

The America hasnt land forces near the İran borders. Geography of Iran also prevent american forces to attack it from the east border. What about “5th Colonne” inside the Iran , hopes about it  aren’t present any: the opposition doesn’t love America as strongly, as well as current authorities in power. Serious deterrent for the USA is China which has already openly declared that in case of an attack to Iran will undertake reciprocal actions. In case of the beginning of military operation the first air blow will lowered by Israel. But planes F-15 and F-16 can’t reach Iran without refueling.  Georgia can give the platform for the refueling ,but how they will depart from Georgia to Iran ?

Russia theoretically could use a situation to own advantage.

Iran’s Nuclear destiny

Proofs of that president Ahmadinezhad creates a nuclear bomb, exactly as much, how many they were concerning a bomb at Saddam Hussein. Gaddafi has once refused working out of the nuclear weapon, and its destiny nowadays – the powerful historical factor. Anybody, including IAEA and perfect American military experts couldnt prove that in Iran works on creation of a nuclear bomb are conducted.

The citation: «Iran won’t stop to enrich uranium and won’t close nuclear base in Forda. It was declared by the head of the Organization on atomic energy of IRI Ferejdun Abbasi Davani in spite of information which told “Iran determined to stop nuclear program and go to compromises with West” (The New York Times).

In fact, West continue to accuse Iran on it’s agressive nuclear policy, Iran continue to accuse West in agressive sanctions and embargo.

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