Etiket arxivi: Benazir Bhutto – “Memories”

Benazir Bhutto – “Memories”

Benazir BhuttoAs a Nehru-Gandi family , Bhuttoss one of the most popular dynasty in the world. Zulfuqar Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto, Shahnavaz Bhutto and the others were greatest politicians of this dynasty.

2-3 month ago, by chance I have found the Benazir Bhutto’s memories in book store. Published in 2010. Today have finished book. Firstly, must say book’s chapters are chaotic enough. Benazir has wrote about his childhood in Clifton.70 , students years in Harvard and Cambridge, his father’s elections in Pakistan, Pakistan People’s Party foundation (PPP). Oxumağa davam et Benazir Bhutto – “Memories”