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Does Russia play its own game in Syria?


A new Syrian peace agreement is ambitious, full of pitfalls and the best hope for a resumption of the ceasefire and peace talks in Syria. The kernel of the agreement reached after 13 hours of talks in Geneva after confidential meeting of J. Kerry and S. Lavrov, is a staged ceasefire, a reopening of humanitarian aid, followed by a grounding of the Syrian air force in those areas dominated by opposition fighters recognized by the west.

When the long-awaited peace has been agreed by the U.S and Russian authorities, many thought that it would be the turning point for all fighting sides in the shadow of the endless bloodshed in Syria. In the aftermath, the U.S and Russia had reached an agreement, unexpected U.S air strike killed approximately 60 soldiers of the government troops. The situation has worsened when the UN’s humanitarian convoy delivering food relief to a rebel-held area near Aleppo, was targeted during the airstrike. Oxumağa davam et Does Russia play its own game in Syria?