Etiket arxivi: EU reaction to Syrian Civil War (report)

EU reaction to Syrian Civil War (report)

Photo: BBC
Photo: BBC

European countries do not have a unite strategy towards the Syrian conflict,  “EU countries are looking like absolutely disintegrated in front of Russian Federation and the United States” said head of Euro Parliament Martin Schultz.

Talking about official position of Berlin commissioner added that it is not necessary to criticize Berlin’s foreign policy over the Syrian problem. Because of orientation of Berlin to the United Nations strategy.

Since march of 2011 civil war inside of the country escalated to critic level on August in 2013, when the mass media began to claim up about using of chemical weapon against militants by the government troops. President Bashar Assad denied the all accuses addressed to his government and his own person as a cruel dictator. Opposition forces gave a statement about death of 1,3 thousand people nearby Damascus. Oxumağa davam et EU reaction to Syrian Civil War (report)