Etiket arxivi: Fuad Shahbazov Russia’s next step in Syria

Russia’s next step in Syria


The rocket strikes of Russia’s Caspian Fleet might be perceive as the most dramatic phase of Syrian intervention. Russian made SS-N-Kalibr missile rockets flew more than 1500 km over Iraq and Iran before hitting targets in Syria. What is the main intention of Russia by launching long-range rockets from Caspian Sea?

By such means Russia is intended not only to show its wilingness to thraw back ISIL as well as oposition forces but also show growing influence and capability of Caspian military fleet in this region. Taking into consideration that Russian intervention includes Iran (another Caspian country), other regional countries could not stay apart of the process anymore. İt is difficult to say whether the rockets hit targets or not, but the fact is clear that air strikes against ISIL and other terrorist organizations are not enough, as we see the results of long term air operations led by US, France and United Kingdom. Oxumağa davam et Russia’s next step in Syria