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Future of NATO-Russia Relations


The Ukrainian crisis became very serious test for the Russian-NATO relations. The history of modern relationship of Russia and NATO was always characterized by various dynamics, periods of rise and recession of activity of bilateral ties. While taking all latest events into consideration, it is harder to imagine that semi centennial opposition can be disappear so easily when more than a half citizens of Russia and NATO countries continue to consider each other as geopolitical enemies. The relations between the Russian Federation and NATO play a key role in global safety issues. [1]

    However current process significantly changed a global political context. So, first of all, NATO made the decision to stop civil and military cooperation with the Russian Federation due to the Ukrainian crisis. At the beginning of May it was declared that the Alliance considers Russia as the opponent against process in the Crimea. However just before the described events, in March, 2014, the Deputy NATO Secretary GeneralAlexander Vershbow declared that the alliance “would prefer to begin building strategic partnership between Russia and NATO”. [2] Oxumağa davam et Future of NATO-Russia Relations