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Interview with Alex Vatanka

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The recent trilateral meeting (Azerbaijan-Iran-Russia) in Baku seems to open new prospects for the region. The Politicon interviews Mr. Alex Vatanka, a Senior Fellow at the Middle East Institute and the Jamestown Foundation in Washington D.C, specialist in Iranian and Caucasian policies on the significance of the meeting and discussed projects.

Interviewer: Fuad Shahbazov

Shabazov: As you know on the 9th of August Azerbaijan hosted a new Baku-Tehran-Moscow trilateral meeting. According to mass media, the leaders of the three countries gathered together to discuss pressing issues of international and regional policy. How would you estimate the importance of the high-level meeting?

Vatanka: The meeting in Baku is significant, and could become historic. Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia are neighbors and one cannot choose its own geography. And one has to welcome cooperation that can improve the economic, security and overall development of these three states. As long as there is a mutual interest and no attempt by any state to dominate or dictate the path forward, then we should welcome positive cooperation and even integration around the Caspian Sea. Oxumağa davam et Interview with Alex Vatanka