Etiket arxivi: Mr.Vugar Bayramov Vilnus Summit EU Europe Azerbaijan policy Azərbaycanın Avropaya inteqrasiyası

Interview with Mr. Vugar Bayramov


Mr.Vugar Bayramov (photo from personal archive)
Mr.Vugar Bayramov (photo from personal archive)

 Mr.Vugar Bayramov is a well-kmown economist and expert on economic policy of Azerbaijan, alumnus of  Washington University in St.Louis. Currently he is serving as a founder and chairman of Center for Economic and Social Development (CESD) which took a high ranking place as one the most active brain centers of Caucasus region  in the international poll of Harvard Univresity.

Dear Mr.Vugar, first of all thank you for sharing your time. I would like to be inform your opinions and future analyses about Azerbaijan policy towards the European Union after Vilnus Summit which became a “last hope” for some pos-soviet countries to integrate to Europe.

  1.  How could you estimate the importance and impact of Vilnus Summit in the foreign policy of Azerbaijan Republic?

 The Vilnius  Summit in fact was the important event in context of keeping prominence of the  EU Eastern Partnership Program since policy impacts of this program has not been considered as decent before the indicated summit. Azerbaijan’s participation at the summit was extremely important taking into considering Russian influence on the region mainly on forcing neighboring countries to join to the Customs Union, a Russian new project. Oxumağa davam et Interview with Mr. Vugar Bayramov