Etiket arxivi: Per Petterson – “Out Stealing Horses”

Per Petterson – “Out Stealing Horses”

Per Petterson’s novel describes the period of 1941-1945 in Norway. German occupation and destiny of a member of guerilla movement. Novel is very interesting by historical side but may seem boring for majority scenes of nature and mountains of Norway. Obviously, book is a good source for learning distances of history. We were going out stealing horses.

That was what he said, standing at the door to the cabin where I was spending the summer with my father. I was fifteen. It was 1948 and oneof the first days of July.

Trond’s friend Jon often appeared at his doorstep with an adventure in mind for the two of them. But this morning was different. What began as a joy ride on “borrowed” horses ends with Jon falling into a strange trance of grief. Trond soon learns what befell Jon earlier that day–an incident that marks the beginning of a series of vital losses for both boys. Oxumağa davam et Per Petterson – “Out Stealing Horses”