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Did Putin And Erdogan Have A Deal On The Syrian Crisis?


On August 9, presidents Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the first time held an official meeting in St. Petersburg after the failed coup attempt in Turkey and deteriorated relations over the downed Su-24 warplane. Reportedly, both leaders agreed to put on the table the number of cancelled projects, such as the “Turkish stream” pipeline. The pipeline is aimed to deliver Russian natural gas through Turkey to the Southern part of Europe. Obviously, the project means a lot for Russian Gazprom, as it allows strengthening of the Russian gas monopoly in Europe. Even though Russia plans to start the construction next year, it still needs strong guarantees from Brussels.

A part of the proposed pipeline project, Moscow officials seek an opportunity to renew the contract regarding the nuclear power plant “Akkuyu” in Turkey. But despite the recent Russian-Turkish rapprochement, it is nearly impossible to shift the bilateral relations so fast after such a deep crisis. Oxumağa davam et Did Putin And Erdogan Have A Deal On The Syrian Crisis?